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Hello everyone! I am Shawn, but I've been going by the name of "sshamm" while gaming since the the release of xbox live. I started gaming on the Nintendo with games like Super Mario and Mortal Combat since the time when I was a small child, and moved on to new consoles as they were released. My online gaming adventures started with the Unreal Championship on the release of xbox live and from there is when I first met people from TOG. I've been off/on my gaming kick throughout the last almost 10 years and one thing I've always enjoyed was playing with TOG members in the games I had been playing at the time.

Now I am a PC gamer and activly play WoW and COD Black Ops 2. The reason I'm applying is because of the experiences I've had with TOG members in the past, and I am ready to be apart of the community.

I am 25 and living in Tokyo, Japan, and some of the other things I enjoy besides gaming is snowboarding, fishing, going to the beach, and much more.
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