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1) I play a lot of Xbox 360 to unwind from work, wife and kids:
Gamertag: SCREAMING MOOSE (I yell a lot)
-Mainly FPS's: Especially BF3. More recently some Halo 4, and (when I actually go in and pick it up: Black Ops 2)

-EvE Online......a sporadic and all encompassing obsession......just wish I was GOOD at the durn thing.....

2) Atari.......various games while my Dad and Uncle smoked their pipes by the wood stove. Don't judge I'm old and smoking my pipe too....go figure.

3) Looking for non-douchebaggery, pretty much as outlined in your semi-mission statement regarding "Who you are". I'm looking for friends that want to unwind with me. I'm looking for fun and laughs. I am NOT looking for infantile, internet chest thumping. I think (again) you guys touched on it in your FAQ's: I'm looking to connect (in a non-skeevie-internet-dating way) with folks that are good friends to those that desreve it and are perhaps a bit more mature with respect to the basic behavior involved with dealing with other people===>OLD SCHOOL.
ie: We might be OLD, but we know the value of doing things right, and DOING OUR FAIR SHARE OF THE WORK.

4) -Ex Army Infantry.
-Well hung.
-Salma Hayek wants me but doesn't know it yet.
-I've always wanted to learn how to sail........

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