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Cool Application

Hi gamers! I'm a 26 year old male from San mateo, Rizal, PH. I'm a level 2 Technical Support Specialist. I was invited by my cousins to join this group. I was told that TOG peeps are a more mature and fun to play with. I take gaming pretty serious. I love playing shooting games, rpgs, almost any kind of games actually.. I also enjoy just watching my brother/cousins play. Even by just watching i can still feel the thrill of a game. First gaming console I played was a family computer or an atari, Im not sure which one i laid my hands on first. Playing games alone is pretty fun, but playing it with people who feels the same way I do about games? now thats a level higher than just fun.

I hope you guys accept me into your wonderful group. Thanks for taking time in reading this. Game on! \m/\m/
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