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Default Guild Warz 2 Application

Games you are currently playing or wish to play with TOG

Guild Wars 2

Information about yourself:

I'm 39 male and live in the Milkey Way on the East Coast of America, so The Olden Gamer's is probably my best placement for me. Although, I have buddies in other divisions of this large guild that I look forward to playing with!

Information about your gaming history (i.e. first gaming console, or pen and paper game, etc):

I like long walks on Sandy Cove Beach, Hunter's Ale, and watching the sun set from light house at Lion's Arch... Been gaming since I was 11 years old... so basically 28 years. I started on my Commodore 128 (but all the games I played were in 64 mode). I love adventure games, Final Fantasy, Ultima, Zork, etc. being some of my favorite games I've played.

I played D&D, was a story teller for Vampire: the Masquerade, and had a lot of fun with Shadowrun (all pen and paper with pizza and pop usually in the mix somewhere).

I got into online gaming for Guild Wars 1 and basically formed a guild that is now running itself. They are smaller, and not looking at expanding... the name is Hilt Deep... but it used to be World of Darkness (WoD) when I created it. Because of the size of the guild, it's hard to form groups and for me to get the quality game play I would like with a guild.

Why you'd like to join TOG:

I like to help people, having fun, and I realize a civil group environment can be beneficial to me as well especially since it's hard to know everything. I would also like to form relationships with others so that we can do more advanced things that are normally harder to solo. I've actually been talking to a few of the guys in the guild and everyone I met seems really cool... that's why I want to join.

Anything else you'd like to share:

Just a smile... see
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