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Funny how there was so much complaining about the beach parties (the mission where you fix the water supply would spawn an extra spawn of bugs on top of the existing, but they wouldn't go away, eventually you'd have hundreds of bugs) but a bugged chosen encounter is okay. *grin*

Add me in game (Stabbitha) if you want to do adv thumping or something. I've been taking a bit of a break as I've been in for 6 months but if there's a good TOG presence to play with I could be tempted to join up for some righteous chosen murder.

ps The leveling system currently is reminiscent of WoT's tier system as opposed to the old level up system. Tbh, I prefer the level up with loot drops system (current system doesn't drop any loot, you have to craft everything), but the devs are very friendly and involved in the forums (best I've experienced so far in beta) and if you can put forward a good idea or case for a change, they are open to feedback.

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