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Default GW2 Application

Hello all.

As stated above I would like to apply to join your guild on Yak's Bend.

Hmm.. I really cant rmeember, but the first game I played was probably tanks on Atari or table tennis.. it was a long while ago. played some pen and paper back in 1999 and a little between 2003-06. But sometimes it's hard to find good groups to play with.

I have a few people I know that are members and have had nothing bad to say about it which is why I'd like to Join.

Let's see. I'm 29 years old. Gaming of all sorts is prety much what I do in my free time (tabletop, xbox 360, PS3, WII and PC). And stuff...
Ok. That's all i cna think about.

Thank you for this opportunity.
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