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Smile Membership Application

Hi All,

Thanks for considering my application for membership.

I've started gaming since 8 bit days. I was SEGA "follower" from Master System to Mega Drive for a while. I also played a bit on Atari and a little more on Nintendo, but couldn't change Sonic for Mario .
After playing Dune II on Mega Drive and PC I switched to PC and haven't played on any consoles since then, apart from emulating them.

I am currently playing few games like Planetside 2, Tribes: Ascend, Global Agenda, World of Tanks. I am also testing World of Warplanes and looking forward to the official release.

I was actually referred by one of your members, but I'm not sure what was the nickname on the forum

I was bored with random teams in Planetside 2, when I was told there is a place for guys like me - for older gamers, so here I am.

Looking forward to joining your ranks and playing together.

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