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Hi, My name is Jay ( Rage or Ragemonkey83 in game ) im looking for an active gaming crew to game with. I have been gaming for as long as i can remember and have played against you guys in many of the battlefield series and a bit in the PS2 beta.

Im now looking to commit a bit more time to PS2 and other games that are much more enjoyable with full team of slightly trigger happy gaming fanatics like my self and previous gaming groups are not supporting this change in my gaming desires. A friend and gaming buddy of over 6 years Xcile suggested to join up with you guys as you are a good mature group that is both active and organized, something I am very much looking to be a part of.

My gaming ped is a pretty long one in both pen and paper or video gaming , I started my pen and paper with D&D 2nd ed a few days ago......ok a lot of years if I'm being honest and my video gaming was with my good old atari grabing almost every system that followed then to PC in the form of a Amstrad and a 486, gotta love those green screens....

As for why I want to join, well I really covered that before in that I want to be a part of a COMMUNITY , and I want that to be free of drama and childish behavior that comes from the drama. I am told by trusted friends that I have many many gaming hours with that I can find that here.

I want to thank you for your time and consideration and hope to be covering ur backs in the near future.

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