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Hi there.

I'm an oldschool gamer from wayyy back (300baud days). I started out with an Atari 800 - then moved onto an Atari ST. I was heavily into BBS systems in the 80's as we had quite a few local ones (New Haven CT area). My first big gaming craze was D&D - as I got my first boxed set in 80 or so. I played regularly in several campaigns and even a few live role-playing weekends back in the day. These days I'm using an i7 with crossfired ATI cards - a far cry from the ST! I'm heavily into Wurm Online (MR HOME), Planetside2, and most recently Mortal Online. I noticed that TOG has a Mortal Online guild and I'm interested in joining up - so please let me know what I need to do to become a TOG member.


Lerxst (ps. I'm Numedides in Mortal Online & Planetside (Soltech New Conglomerate))
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