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Default BF3 division application

Hello everyone........
errgghhh.... I'm always bad at introduction posts. Well I guess the only part of it that I'm really bad at is figuring out what I should say first.

Oh well, I guess Hello will suffice.

I am milkydeathgrind (everyone calls me milky) or you can find me on battlelog as milkyDG_sT

I have been playing video games since before I could walk but the first system I remember ever actually owning was a revision 1 Nintendo (meaning I got it the day they came out). I still play more video games than is probably healthy but I'm not concerned with that. To prove my ridiculous games obsession please direct any doubt in my convictions HERE as a demonstration of the level of "gamerdom" I have achieved.
I have been in many gaming clans (or teams, whichever you want to call it) varying in size from two dozen people to over 100. Some of my clans were semi-professional level competition clans and others were just more casual. I have also had PLENTY of experience running clans with 100+ members and doing everything associated with the job title.
I mainly play BF3 now but as you can see from my demonstration above I am certainly not restricted to one game.
I would like to join a clan who is competitive and takes competition and their roles as squad members seriously.

About me::::::: (makes it sound like a page on a personal website)

I obviously love gaming BUT I have many other things I'm passionate about or interested in. I have been a musician for about 17 years (drums WOOHOO!!) and I also own and operate my own fully functional digital recording and mastering studio. I also have a love for games in other ways. I have been an independent game design for about 8 years but that spans across all of game design fields i.e. sound design\composing, 3D modeling and animation, texturing (yes UV maps, normal maps, diffuse maps, bump maps, spec maps all included), storyboarding, conceptual design and development, mapping, and a small bit of programming (although i know how to do it I find it extremely boring so I leave that to others). I also have a bachelors degree in computer technologies\information systems tech. Last but not least I am an aspiring neuroscientist, particle physicist, cosmologist, pilot, artist, pro gamer.

I think that is about as short a summary I can write although I am sure there's plenty I haven't mentioned\forgotten to mention.

So again, Hello all and I look forward to mashing some buttons with you soon!!!
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