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Default Gw2 Menbership application

My ign I go by is E B O N. I pronounce it E bon for those I may speak to at a later date.

Currently I play GW2. I also dabble in PS2, but am very much a noob. I think I have a hour playtime atm. Have xbox but no longer play. Borderlands was the only game I had much interest in.

I started my video game days with a Atari 2600(the old black and wood grain one). After that I moved on to 8 bit nintendo, sega genesis,nintendo 64,xbox 360. I started my pc gaming days with the original Diablo. Played Diablo 2 but lost interest. I accidently stumbled on gw1 while shopping for my kids xmas gifts the year of its release and was instantly hooked/addicted to the game.

Why I want to join?
My current guild is lacking member activity, and those that are on are spaced out over the corse of the day. I randomly started playing with one of your members and had a great time. we hit it off well and he invited me to do a dungeon with himself and other members of the game.I asked him about your guild and he guided me to your website. So hear I am.

About me:
Built my own pc. I7 2600k/ 16 gb corsair ram /2 ssd drives running raid 0 / evga 4602win powered by a corair 750 bronze series power supply.
I live in the Eastern united states GMT-5. I enjoy football,Archery,Kayaking,and Hiking In my free time. Although with the drought we had this summer I was only able to go Kayaking once memorial day weekend. I am a 38 year old divorced newly discovered diabetic man. I have 2 daughters and a 17 year old stepson that I enjoy spending time with.


I'm a avid music listener and enjoy watching youtube.I heve a facebook account but Dislike using it. Basically I use it to share pic of family with relative living in other state.I tend to rely on my girlfriend to tell me about thing that happen on my own account.

Thanks for your time. Hope to spend many hour of fun with your guild(s).

E B O N.

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