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Question Quitely cynical and resentful bastard seeks older gamers for higher IQ baselines


Games you are currently playing or wish to play with TOG: Planetside 2 is consuming a fair amount of my time lately. I do however have a giant swath of games I fully intend to catch up on/complete, but this will probably have to wait until someone discovers the prerequisite life-extension technologies.

Information about yourself: 30, disgruntled IT worker, big on self-sufficiency (but only because I'm cheap), efficiency and logic. I work in Canberra. Please send help. I have no offspring but I do have a long term relationship with an amazingly intelligent and attractive woman who somehow manages to keep me sane and stops me from going completely postal. Did I mention I work in Canberra?

Information about your gaming history: Winter/Summer games, Pitfall, Paradroid. Yeah, we had a Commodore 64. Moved onto Amiga 500, then finally a PC a few years later. Bought some consoles and stuff but they tend to gather dust. Love just about every genre of game as long as it has some sort of hook. I still maintain a vast collection of retro games from old computers/consoles, My gaming history is long. As far as online goes though, I tend to find it difficult to fit in and stick with a clan/group/whatever for very long because I am a cynical SOB and tend to get nuclear-grade resentful if I offer ideas/help/whatever and don't get so much as an acknowledgement. I like to be heard.

Why you'd like to join TOG: I'd like to play with people that can play to the objective and concentrate on team-based objectives rather then play for entirely their own self-interest. I would also love to play with people with at least an impression of maturity whom don't still think it's cool to say 'swears' and whatnot.

Anything else you'd like to share: The average housecat weighs approximately 4 kilograms.
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