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Hi Armitage,

In order to become a full member of TOG, we ask that you read and agree to 3 very specific things. You have indicated in your application that you do not agree to all of our terms of becoming a member, as such your application will be denied.
Please read this - Potential Members - PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE POSTING
If you would like to become a full member, please go to the 'User Cp' located towards the top of this window in the left hand corner just above your name in the first post, read and agree to the TOG FAQ etc, and make the adjustment to your application.

I'll leave this post marked pending for a couple of days in case you'd like to make the adjustments

Specifically -
1/ That you are indeed applying for full membership
2/ That you have read and agree to the TOG FAQ

After you've made the changes we'll get you sorted

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