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I jumped into Sanctuary for the first time in ages and headed to the tree to meet the duck, the base of the trunk is planted and there are some nice presents for players scattered allready around below it..

I added to the tree, but only to the trunk that was there, also put some horizontal branches out just to get a feel on perspective but didn't add anything else. All can be removed easily.

Are we working from a design and have I just set us back? Is there a plan to get a crew on to "work" a shift and get the main tree up at some stage? I thought maybe if we get the main, plain tree up then players could do the decorations, lights etc. at their leisure ?

I love this idea and all our community builds so I'm all for lending a hand, I can't seem to time my game time well lately but I want to help not hinder and last night just felt like I was bumbling around abit without a plan

* I am talking of the tree here, not the comp. Still deciding what I can do for that one..
** I seem to have no permissions on Sanctuary either, I never play there so that could be why but no warps or gamemode changes for me

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