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Okay, we have missed a few snapshots and Mojang are preparing Minecraft version 1.4.6., so here is a catch-up.

Minecraft 1.4.4 Pre-release

  • Another 20 or so issues fixed, full list here: 1.4.4 issue list
  • Fixed the “unable to swim upwards” bug (prevented a 1.4.3 official release)
  • Fixed the “placed torches jump between walls” bug (also prevented a 1.4.3 release)

Minecraft 1.4.5 Pre-release

  • Clients now get the correct IP for LAN servers
  • Fixed the incorrect positions of some particles
  • … and fixes for MC-2507, MC-2508, MC-2500, and MC-2498

Minecraft Snapshot 12w49a

  • Added fireworks (sound effects will come soon)
  • Added enchanted books for enchanting items
“What’s this? This doesn’t sound like a redstone update at all!”, you say. “Indeed,” we say. Thing is, we* suddenly decided we wanted to make sure that you have fireworks for New Year’s Eve, so we’re working in several parallel branches of the code now. One is for the 1.5 “Redstone Update,” and one is now for a 1.4.6 patch update. This update will be out before Christmas, and 1.5 will wait until January (or possibly February).
Minecraft Snapshot 12w50a

We’re looking to do a 1.4.6 before Christmas, with the normal pre-release a few days ahead. Monday maybe? Anyway, changes since last week:
  • Tweaked fireworks effect and sounds
  • Item entities are rendered as 3d objects in the world
  • Corrected how enchanted books work, and added them to villagers and chests
  • Added “thorns” enchantment
  • Added tool highlight when switching items in the hotbar
  • Added a notice/warning for users still playing on PowerPCs or Java 5 (Java 1.5)

Minecraft Snapshot 12w50b
  • 10 issues fixed
  • Notable: Fixed item desynchronization bug when using chests and other containers
  • Notable: Fixed mobs getting stuck when hit by players
Minecraft 1.4.6 Pre-release
It’s time to pre-release the next Minecraft update! Dinnerbone has fixed a couple of more issues since the 12w50b snapshot, as well as adding a sound indicator when you hit players with arrows in player versus player!
To summarize 1.4.6:
  • Added fireworks
  • Added enchantable books
  • A lot of enchantments have been tweaked
  • A Christmas surprise
  • Many issues have been fixed!
We intend to release 1.4.6 on Thursday, December 20!

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