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Originally Posted by Chief View Post
I decided to give the game another shot today as I hadn't touched it in ages. Nice to see some performance improvements, but the community is the worst. This is what I experienced.

Made a character, joined a server. Walked for a few minutes, shortly after leaving the safe zone I was shot in the back.

Made another character, joined a different server. Walked for a few minutes, shortly after leaving the safe zone I was shot in the back, again.

Tried a few more times, same thing happened. Now every character slot is filled with a dead character and I can't play for another 40 minutes unless I delete one, which isn't an issue now but would be with a more experienced one I imagine.

Is that all their is to this game? Just a handful of spawn points all camped by bandits?
Normally no, I've never experienced that. There are plenty of people that like to do the bandit thing but I tend to stick to lower pop servers and generally don't have too many problems with them.

Originally Posted by Pharoah View Post
Is WarZ worth getting? I played DayZ quite a bit but got bored with all the PvP and stopped playing for a while - not sure whether to go with WarZ or not.
For the price, absolutely. It is still quite buggy and doesn't have all of it's features yet but I think that it has a good future. They are rushing it out the door to beat DayZ standalone and get some Christmas sales, so at this stage it is still a little rough. It is similar to DayZ but more arcadey and more enjoyable in my opinion, with lots of cool stuff planned.
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