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I played Horizons when it first came out in 2003, and then off and on in early 2004. There was a lot of controversy over the game at the time, mostly caused by mismanagement of the game by the head of Artifact Entertainment David Bowman, formerly of Turbine. Bowman formed a new company called Tulga Games and sold Horizons to himself, as a way to cheat the people Artifact Entertainment owed money to. The people in Tulga were all original developers of the game. Now this is all early/mid 2000's events. I have no idea what has transpired with the game since then. I know for a while, just after the name change, they hired author Peter S. Beagle to write lore for the game.

I am curious to see what the game is like today. There was a lot about the original game mechanics that I loved. Who doesn't like double or triple classing a single character? plus the races were pretty cool, and I'm not just talking about dragons. I remember taking part in one of the first community events, which involved a lot of hauling materials and construction to unlock the faun/satyr race.

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