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The creepers in our FTB servers have ninja moves!

I was AFK inside my lit, raised bee hut, getting another xmas beverage and I came back to a massive hole, all bees, bee chest, centrifuge, basically all the good stuff gone

Would've rathered my life and inventory but apparently the MC gods did not favor this.

My block is lit, walled and I have no idea how he got in let alone got aggro from wherever it came from..

I know it's a cardinal sin in MC to AFK too long but I wasn't gone long and honestly thought I'd covered all the bases with mob spawn and aggro..

I've done the same thing in worse places on Frontier and other servers and I'm not ashamed to admit I had a whinge in chat and raged it

This is just a warning to others that may think they're safe, I don't know if it's the difficulty, the mod or just bad luck but be very careful because this isn't an isolated incident.

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