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  • Games you are currently playing or wish to play with TOG
I'm a big MMO fan. Currently playing GW2 and a bit of SWTOR. In the past I've played many MMOs from the beginning 2D sprite DOS based games to current versions. Even dabble a bit in MUDD a few times before the .com era started. I used to be a big FPS gamer, bug have slowed down that style of gaming due to carpal tunnel issues and the like.
  • Information about yourself
Casual, laid back fun loving individual. Not too chatty, or overzealous. Just love to play games with others online. Love a good joke, and probably love puns too much. I game about 20 hours a week, sometimes less, sometimes more.
  • Information about your gaming history (i.e. first gaming console, or pen and paper game, etc)
Been in computers over 30 years, since TRDOS, Atari and Commodor were the big boys on the block. Currently work in an IT field and have loved computer games since my neighbor got me hooked on the original Pong almost 40 years ago. Burned up a couple Atari 2600's back in those days due to overplaying them. Never have been able to kick the habit, and probably never will. And, today spend way too much money and time on hardware and games. Oh well...
  • Why you'd like to join TOG
Looks like a similar guild I just came from. But more to my style. Just looking for something new and less dramatic. In a recent guild membership I held the leadership roll for a Rift chapter and smaller rolls for LOTRO chapter. Also held leadership rolls in other guilds based on FPS games. Now just looking for simple membership status for guilded gaming.
  • Anything else you'd like to share
Would love to join in the fun and casual gaming I hear is common at TOG.

Thanks for you time and consideration.
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