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Default (FTB) Myst Portal System

While this was mentioned in another thread, I've put it here as well, to make sure people see it and to explain how it works.

Misnik has created a Map Room in the Myst world, which acts as a way to teleport to any area of the City you wish.

You enter the Myst world by the blue crystal portal at spawn, and you'll be dropped off outside the Map Room (probably with your back to it). People's Individual portals and chests and things will be infront of you.

The Map Room marks all of the plots of land within the City, with a signpost on all known lots (label yours if it's not already done so).

There is a book at each intersection, which can be used to teleport to that location of the City. Right clicking on the book brings up the book. Click on the black right hand side of the book and you'll be teleported to that location.

For example if you click on the book highlighted:

That takes you to this intersection of Spawn:

To create your own books - to make your own teleporation system....

Go to the place you would like to make the link to. For example in your house, or at your quarry site. Have a book in your inventory.

When you place the book into your crafting spot, you'll see the book will go green. If you take the book out of that crafting spot and put it into your inventory - that book is now linked to that position you were standing in. Take that book to the Myst world, and place it on a book stand (made with 2 sticks and a block of wood), and you'll then have a link from the Myst world to that spot. (So you might like to place one on the block that represents your house lot in the City Map room).

You can do likewise and make a book while in the Myst world, to create a linkbook to the Myst world, which you can then place in your house (or somewhere else), to allow you to travel to the Myst world without needing to go to Spawn.

Linkbooks can't be moved to another location after they have been created, so if you want to move your link spot, you'll have to make a new book.

(Please note that creation of additional Myst Worlds is not allowed)

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