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Default I'm trying to find this game I used to play.

There's a 3rd person shooter I used to play and I just can't find it.
I don't remember the name, only some features.

I'll write all the relevant stuff I remember and I hope you guys can help me find it.
Thanks a lot!

- You play 2 different characters, one is the heavy weapons guy and the other is the hi-tech stealth guy.
- Each mission is designed for and played by one of them.
- The stealthy hi-tech guy has can go invisible and also uses a cornershot gun much like the one described in these two links:
CornerShot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Corner Shot - YouTube

- Some missions start with the stealth guy dropping from an airplane and while falling, has to dodge shots from bad guys that are also freefalling around him and shoot back at them. (This is one of the best parts of this game).
- The heavy wep guy mostly uses a machine gun to blow up explosive barrels and spray the bad guys.
That's about it, but I think that it's enough for anyone who remembers this game because these few features should narrow it down to one game.
Thank you very much!
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