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Exclamation FTB Server - Be mindful of what you leave running!

A few of us have just spent an incredibly frustrating few hours trying to deal with an extreme lag situation caused by too much stuff happening in someone's plot of land.

So a general reminder to everyone - Please be aware that leaving machines running and having large amounts of running water does contribute greatly to server lag.

In this particular incident anyone loading the chunks where that house lot was, were effectively frozen with lag and unable to move. They needed to be teleported out of the area by an admin. This was a very serious case of lag - far more than a mere inconvenience.

While it's convenient for you to leave quarries and things running while you are offline - leaving those things running is keeping chunks loaded which can cause lag on the server for everyone else. Please turn anything off that is not needed while you are not on the server - be kind to your fellow players!

Also be mindful of what your machinery set up is, so that you are not causing too much lag in your area. Remember that we've got a lot of people's stuff going all the time. Try to keep your impact on the server as small as you can.

And a note on water in quarries. While it's useful to turn any lava into cobble/stone/obsidian - only one water source is needed (as the quarry digs further down, the water will spread) - and you'll only need it further down the quarry where lava is likely to be. The further water falls, the more lag it creates, so if you can place it lower down, please do so.

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