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Default DayZ Server "Hell In A Handbasket" - Private Hive

Hey all, just wanted to put this out there.

New DayZ server is up. It's a private hive with Vanilla DayZ ruleset, all DayZ and no fluff. Chernarus map at the moment but thinking about Taviana or Namalsk.
Could be whitelisted in the future but will be heavily monitored for now. Enjoy!

Server Name: Hell In A Handbasket DayZChernarus ( [VETERAN 3DP:OFF CH:ON][GMT+7] Private Hive - Straight Up DayZ | DayZ.ST

Edit: Server is now Singapore based meaning better pings for AU and others in the region.
Gotcha anti hack as well as other tools are being used by myself, to monitor the server for Hackers.

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