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Default FTB: Mystcraft

A number of players are starting to see the benefits from using Mystcraft as a way to teleport between worlds ( and between locations ( Given that general players don't have access to the /tp command in FTB, this is a great static alternative.

Mystcraft also has other abilities. Primarily, it can create new dimensions/worlds/ages, sometimes to design, sometimes randomly. One such world is that to which the Myst portal at spawn travels, which is referred to in the first link above.

I am sure many of you would love to go creating and exploring new worlds. However, each new world adds to the load of our servers, and depending on how you create them, they may never be able to be revisited again. While it might seem like fun, for a community server, it isn't. We want any world that is created to be used by all. We also don't want to have to save too many worlds.

Therefore, we ask that if you wish to do more than just use the already established portal system in Mystcraft, please tell the Admin team.[1] Do not create new MystCraft worlds yourself without permission. We have been liaising with people like Irimar who know more about Mystcraft than we do.



[1] i.e. we don't mind people establishing new book portals to link between the existing main Mystcraft world and Overworld locations or the Link Modifier idea.

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