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I tended to notice new releases were discounted based on competition and were worth getting on launch. The price then increases to the normal sale level after this before slowly reducing in value as the months/year rolled on. It took some time for a game to reach the same price point on launch. For bargain shoppers, they would need to wait anywhere up to a year.

I can see both sides of the coin on this one.

Sony wishing to cash in on the second hand market with games. Especially since they provide the network which some of these games access. Their is a cost to them so they feel they should pass this on. Patches, network access, hosting.

The other side is the hit to the hip pocket with buying s second hand game and then having to buy an unlock code. If the code is provided with the sale of the game that would suffice I guess.

Rentals I feel would no longer exist. Very dirty area to get into. Although you could issue a short term code which equates to the period of your rental.

I guess the cost of the codes overall could be absorbed by the cost of the second hand game on offer but the effect on retailers might be hard felt as the cost of the game would basically have to decrease to take into account the cost of the code.

Interesting times to be sure.
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