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Smile Beginner's Guide to the TOG FTB/MindCrack Server (Mindcrack Server no longer used)

Interested in trying out the "Feed the Beast" (FTB) "MindCrack" server, but not sure where to start? Hopefully this will help you out.

NOTE: This server is currently not active due to our needs to change server host.

What is it?
FTB is a set of mods that adds a whole lot more to Minecraft. There are extra biomes (land types) to explore, and all sorts of new machines and tools to play with. Jetpacks, Electric Furnaces, Automatic farming tools, Lazers, Bee Keeping, Labyrinths with bosses to fight, Teleporting books and more! We are using the "MindCrack" mod pack for Feed the Beast.

We are using MindCrack version 8.2.

Where is it?
The FTB/MindCrack server is located on the old "Sanctuary" port -

You will need to install the FTB "client" (which is the launcher). You download it from here: - Click on the "download" tab or scroll down the page to find the download section. You can download either the .exe or the .jar version, either should work.

Download the FTB client to your desktop (or a folder somewhere on your computer), then run it. This creates its own launcher to run Minecraft from, so it does not affect the main Minecraft installation you have. You do not run Minecraft as normal to log in to the server for FTB - you just need to run this launcher and it does the rest.

There are a list of available mod packs in the side. You need to make sure you have selected the "MindCrack" one.

(This image shows the old v7, however the logo and name of the MindCrack are what you're looking for)

Make sure you have the correct version selected. We are using version 8.2. This version is the most recent version, so make sure the "recommended" version is selected in the pulldown menu.

Add your profile in the spot down the bottom, (your Minecraft username and password), then click the "Launch" button. It will now download and install the mod pack for you.

From then on, to play with FTB, click the launch button it will load Minecraft for you with the FTB/MindCrack mods installed. This will take longer to load each time than vanilla Minecraft does, as it needs to load the mods, and you will see a "FML" window pop up as it loads, which is Forge Mod Loader, and is part of the mod, so don't worry about it

Some options you might find useful:
There are 2 options you might find particularly useful. Click on the "options" button and you'll see the place where you can select the amount of RAM Mindcrack will use (if you're running a 64bit system), you can choose to turn off the console or reopen the launcher when minecraft closes. That last option means that if your game crashes (or you want to restart), the launcher will pop back up again - making it quicker to reload. Which is quite handy

Removed Mods:
We have disabled a couple of mods from the MindCrack mod pack, so their recipes and items won't be available on the server. These mods are:

Soul Shards
Portal Guns (the longfall boots are still available, but nothing else)

Additional Mods:
We are also running a couple of additional mods, which you will also need to download before you join the server. These are not part of the MindCrack mod pack, so you will have to download and install them yourself - but don't worry - it's really easy to do!

The mods you need to install are "Additional Pipes", "Mystcraft" and "Mo Creatures" (Mo Creatures has 3 files to install). More information on these 3 mods can be found by clicking those linked names and reading their webpages.

Download these files:
Additional Pipes -
Mystcraft - Mystcraft 0.10.1
Mo Creatures - DrZhark's Mo'Creatures Mod
GUI Api -
Custom Mob Spawner - CustomMobSpawner

(please note you don't need to download Forge with Mo'Creatures, as Forge is included in MindCrack already)

The zip files will then need to be placed/saved into different folders within your "MindCrack" folder. Don't unzip them - leave them as is.

The "GuiApi" file needs to go into the "instmods" folder in your MindCrack folder.

The other mod files need to go in the "mods" folder.

Not working?
Some people have had problems with where the mods are installed to. If the above locations don't work for you, try placing "guiapi" in "coremods" and the others into either "instmods" or "mods"

Server Rules/Guidelines:
Because this server is a little different to our regular servers, there are some rules specifically for this server. They include rules to do with running quarries, nuclear power and so on.

The basic info for the server, including the server rules is found here:

Starting out on the Server:
You'll start off at "spawn" Hopefully *inside* Spawn's "Town Hall" (though you might spawn on the roof), which is the stone brick building, and has a nice visible beacon on top of it.

Inside you'll find community food gardens and animal pens, as well as an enchanting table and some other communal stuff. There are 3 portals to the other worlds here as well.

Outside you'll notice a few new biomes. HUGE tall forests, Autumn trees, Glacial mountains and so on. The area surrounding Spawn is set out in a grid of City blocks inside a wall. Each lot can be claimed by players to build their homes on. You are free to build outside of the walled city as well.

More than just the one world!
There are 5 additional worlds on our FTB server!!!! These additional worlds work the same way as the "nether" - in that they are worlds accessed via the main world. You'll find the portals to these at Spawn.

If you've played Minecraft before, you'll be well aware of the "Nether", which is the lava filled underworld of Minecraft. Filled with "Zombie Pigmen", "ghasts", "Blazes" and other mean beasties. You access the Nether through the black (Obsidian) portal.

The Myst Worlds are accessed via the blue crystal portals. We have 3 different Myst Worlds. The Wasteland, Jorune and The Caverns. They are explained in more depth here -

The Twilight Forest is accessed via the purple pond-like portal in the ground. This takes you to a world that is forever twilight, with a fantasy feel.

There are castles, mazes, labyrinths and other things to explore, as well as Rams, Deer and other animals, and a some new mobs to battle.

These additional worlds can also be accessed by creating a link book, and using that. More information on that is found here:

------ Remember to use your minimap! As the teleporting can be a little dodgy at times (suffocation is never nice), rather than making linkbooks to everywhere, it is a good idea to set a waypoint for the spawns in the Myst and Twilight Forest, so that you don't get lost if you go off wandering!

Going Mechanised
Probably the biggest allure of this mod pack is all the goodies you can make. Automatic mining machines, jetpacks, nuclear reactors, solar power plants.... there's a lot of stuff to make.

You're pretty much going to have to do some reading to find out what everything does and how to make it. It's quite involved, but don't let that scare you! Start off small and move your way up as you go. Most machines require resources like tin, copper and rubber as ingredients, so you'll want to start mining and collecting to get yourself some resources. Some of the other players will have machinery that you can use while you craft the components to build your own machines.

Because FTB is a mod pack - a collection of different mods - information is spread out over a few sites, and not all sites will have the correct information for the versions of the mod we're using. So read up on the websites, but double check the in-game crafting recipes to make sure you're trying to make the right thing.

Feed The Beast Wiki
Technic Pack Wiki
Forestry for Minecraft Wiki : Main / Forestry for Minecraft : browse
Dr. Zhark Mobs Wiki

To use the in-game crafting guide - When you are in your inventory or crafting screen, you'll see a bunch of objects on the side (press "o" if you don't see it). If you click on one of those, it will bring up the crafting recipe for it (if it is something you can craft).

There is a search box down the bottom where you can type in the thing you are looking for. Much quicker than scrolling through everything! If you're not sure how to make one of the ingredients in the recipe, click on the picture of it, and it will tell you how to craft that component. Sometimes it doesn't tell you how to make everything, or the wiki guide won't explain something well, but if you ask in game, someone is sure to be able to help you out.

If you have all the ingredients for a recipe you need in your inventory, there will be a "?" button beside the picture of the crafted item - clicking that will bring up the crafting recipe in a lighter version that shows you where to put all the ingredients. So you simply put the ingredients in the slots shown. If you hold the shift key and press the ? button, it will even fill out the spaces for you - easy peasy!

When dabbling with these machines, please keep in mind that the server is quite overloaded with everyone's machinery already, so if you can switch everything off while you're not on the server, that would help reduce lag for everyone else.

Important Threads:

Ender Chest colour code reserved list
Wireless Redstone frequency reserved list
Map of Spawn City:

Tips & Hints
The rest of this thread has some gameplay tips to help you out. Some of the main ones are collated into this post here

Have fun!
Explore this new world and have fun!

Don't be afraid to ask about something you're not sure about.... we were all new to this at some point, and we're all happy to help if you don't know how something works. Just ask.

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