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Default Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks
Post with any tips and I'll add them to this post to keep them all together

  • Double check the recipes in the game, rather than relying on the wiki ones (I've gathered all the ingredients to make something, then found the recipe on the wiki I was using was wrong!)
  • Many of the machines need the wrench to remove/move them. You need the darker orange wrench (or use an electric wrench). If the item needs the wrench, right clicking on the item with the wrench will make it "pop" into a block you can pick up. If the item doesn't need a wrench then nothing will happen (or you'll access the item), so those should be ok to use a pick on. The standard wrench has a chance of breaking the item, so it's best to make an electric wrench, which won't break the items when set to "lossless" mode (to do that you need to rebind your mode key [as it is M by default which brings up minimap]. Hold down the rebound mode switch key, then right click the air with the electric wrench to put it in "lossless" mode)
Machines that are white with different windows on them (that look a bit like washing machines), that run on or provide power via cables, need the orange wrench to remove it.

Machines that are powered via engines (or conductive pipes connected to an engine) should be removed with a pick (I think iron or better is required). If it takes a long time to remove, stop immediately, and use a higher level pick. These machines are usually (but not always) more colorful and with other forms.
  • Grinding the ore blocks with a macerator will yield 2 ore dusts, which can then be smelted in a furnace to make 2 ingots (compared to 1 ingot per ore block if you put the ore block in the furnace). This way you're doubling what you get from the ore.
  • Sometimes items will disappear or go invisible. Logging out and back in again usually fixes this. Signposts commonly go blank, sometimes logging in/out still doesn't fix that.
  • Be careful with what you're holding when accessing machines! Particularly if holding a mining lazer or a wrench. (The wrench can be particularly dangerous with transformers and batboxes which have a specific output side. The wrench will shift this side and if you're unlucky you'll by mistake connect a high voltage side to a low voltage cable and blow a lot of stuff up).
  • When you find your first diamonds, make a diamond drill, they are don't wear out (but need to be recharged)
  • Hover your mouse over an item in the menu and press "U" which will bring up many recipes that can be done with that item.

  • Gold pipes make items traveling through piping go faster. You don't need to use a redstone torch to power them (that was changed a few versions ago)
  • Crystal chests apparently contribute to lag - If you want to see contents of chests - you're better off using barrels (which hold 64 stacks of a single item type)

How to make a teleporting linkbook

Have a book in your inventory. When you are at the spot you'd like your linkbook to take you back to. Place the book in the crafting spot in your inventory, and you'll see it will turn green. Take the green book out of the crafting spot and it is now linked to that point of the world.

This book can be used as is in a portal or on a book stand, but if you want to have it in your inventory to use while you're walking around, you need to take it to spawn, use the linkbook table which looks like this:

Place the book in the spot, and you can name it so you can remember where it goes to. You need to click the buttons for "intra linking" and "following" (the buttons aren't marked but they have a popup when you mouse-over them)

You can now use the book anywhere to take you back to that spot you created it (made it green).

Just right click with it in your hand, and it will open the book.

Click the black part on the right side of the book and you'll be teleported to the spot that book linked to.

So it's a good idea to make a book to your house and/or to spawn and carry it with you wherever you go.

You can also keep the books in a portal or on a book stand - if you want a permanent way to teleport somewhere.

A portal is created by making the frame from the myst crystals (it can be any size, rectangle or square), and place a book "receptacle" on it.

To make the receptacle, craft the crystals like this:

Then click the receptacle with the book to place the book in the slot and activate the portal. You can click the book to take the book back out of the portal to deactivate the portal.

A stand is made like this.

To use the stand, place the stand then place the book on the stand - then just right click on the book to use it.

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