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Originally Posted by Obsi View Post
  • Many of the machines need the wrench to remove/move them. You need the darker orange wrench (or use an electric wrench). If the item needs the wrench, right clicking on the item with the wrench will make it "pop" into a block you can pick up. If the item doesn't need a wrench then nothing will happen (or you'll access the item), so those should be ok to use a pick on. The standard wrench has a chance of breaking the item, so it's best to make an electric wrench, which won't break the items.
These machines usually look kind of like various washing machines or household appliances. They are white with different windows on them. They also always run on or provide power via cables. So if your stuff is connected via a cable, use the orange wrench to remove it.

Most all other machines are powered via engines (or conductive pipes connected to an engine) and these should be removed with a pick (I think iron or better is required). If it takes a long time to remove, stop immediately, and use a higher level pick. These machines are usually (but not always) more colorful and with other forms.

As Obsi said, if unsure try with the orange wrench first, although make sure you want to remove the machine before you do as it will immediately pop off if it's the correct wrench

Also be careful with what you're holding when accessing machines, I've accidentally removed my fair share of machines just because I didn't think about that I was holding a wrench when trying to access a machine. This can be paritcularly dangerous when you happen to affect transformers and batboxes which have a specific output side. The wrench will shift this side and if you're unlucky you'll by misstake connect a high voltage side to a low voltage cable and blow a lot of stuff up.
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