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Like others mentioned I played as normal found and built my building as normal. Then very slowly added just a couple new special blocks here and there.

There is a command inside the game that has been a huge help for me. Pressing U. If you mouse over an item say one of the new Copper blocks and press U i will then bring up many recipes that can be done with that item.

I also have bookmarked: Feed The Beast Wiki Which has a number of videos as well as information on many of the mod items.

After I built my house I dug down as normal found some diamonds and eventually I looked up one of the new basic power generators set it down in my house and placed a couple other new machines right next to it. I didn't use wires for a long time as they will power the blocks right next to it without issue.

Just taking it nice and slow.

My wife is playing has the really tall obsidian tower and absolutely zero machines. shes only been playing with the Twilight and Myst books, but none of the industry stuff.
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