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Hi everyone,

I'm Shay and I'm 26 and currently live in Baltimore working as an IT sysadmin for a defense contractor. I've been mmoing since I was 15 when I first played Asheron's Call. I've played many mmos in between such as Guild wars 1, SWG, SWTOR, Aion, DAoC, Warhammer Online, Vanguard, Tera, etc. I also used to play DnD in college.

I am looking to play Guild Wars 2 with TOG. I'd like to join this group because I am looking for a laid-back group of adults who are active in Guild Wars 2 and I feel that TOG holds the same values that I look for when joining a guild.

I am an open book if you'd like to know any other information. I have a headset and voice chat programs and I am always on/active when I am playing. I've gotten my legendary and a lot of other items I want in the game so I can always help when needed. I prefer low-drama groups with lots of socialization and fun. I really enjoy wvw and pvp but I am also fractals lvl 30/dungeon master so I am experienced there as well.

- S
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