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Originally Posted by Deweyoxberg View Post
Just an FYI for everyone in case anyone else has noticed this lately:

Some of my Mystbooks have taken to a habit of dropping me inside of a loaded chunk, and by inside, I mean inside the blocks present in that chunk. That includes lava.

Oddly, I have not (yet) suffered any damage or loss as a result, but please keep all appendages tightly clenched around your pick while on your travels. PSA brought to you by Miners' Anonymous: Admitting you hoard is the first block.
I have taken to creating spacious rooms where I link my mystbooks in an attempt to try and prevent this. I also don't move just after teleporting. It seems to have made a difference although I still occasionally have the same issue you describe (and it has never resulted in loss of life or items).

Edit: And avoid standing on half blocks when setting books, can be a bit glitchy...
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