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I'd also advise making two books. The recipe is 1 leather, three pieces of paper. First at your shelter, open you inv and place the book into the small crafting window. This will create a link book. Go to spawn and do the same with a second book. Now take both of those books to the Link Modified at spawn (next to the alchemy table) and one by one place your linked books in and select "follow" and "intra-world". Also a good idea to change their names. Carry these bad boys everywhere to supplement the lack of /tp. Now go forth and explore!!

Also +1 to rubber boots. Even with my jetpack I still rock a pair!

Edit: Should be "Intra-age linking" and "Following". Intra-age because the Myst worlds are conceptualised as different "ages"

Edit 2: "Disarm" will cause you to drop all your items. It's more for a trap book or portal. "Retain momentum" is good for zombie farms etc - think a floor portal that they continue to fall through at the destination gate. "Create platform" is just that. Kinda useless given you'll be making the link books manually

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