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Default FTB: The Problem? with rubber boots.

These obviously do not work as intended.

I mentioned this at the time to others in game when I did some testing a couple of days ago, but the rubber boots do not just greatly reduce fall damage. They greatly reduce all damage. I have tested this and know for sure they make you immune to:

Drowning, starving, all monsters in the overworld, lava and creeper explosions at point-blank.

All this, and they don't degrade so they last forever.

So, the question is: Should we be using them? I was happy being able to jump down my pit to bedrock. It's fun. I'm not so sure I'm happy being invulnerable because of a few pieces of rubber. (Ok, I'm ecstatic about it, but it really is gaining an unfair advantage.)

I mean, they probably work better by themselves than some hugely complicated to craft full set of powered armour.

Lets discuss so then if everyone agrees they are legit, I'll use them and enjoy the ride guilt-free.

Oddly, I'm actually in favour of house-ruling them out, so there is actually a reason to persue other (better) armours. However, while others are using them, I sure am too.

I'm suffering a dichotomy of opinion here, help me guys and gals

- OJ
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