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Well, that depends on your version of expensive =) I was comparing rubber and wool, vs obsidian and iron. And you need diamonds to be able to mine the obsidian. The rubber boots, you just need a rubber tree and 8 pieces of cobblestone. Oh, and 1 sheep.

But I believe the unfair advantage was more about the ingame advantage, rather than comparing to other players. For example, several others have solar panel setups and have solved their power requirements handily. This is a fair advantage because of the steps and time involved to get there. Rubber boots are just unfair. In very short order, you become immune to damage and can stockpile your exp for enchanting and other things easily.

In addition to this, without the bug being common knowledge, some might never get around to making a pair of rubber boots because they think it's only for falling and they are not playing around dangerous drops. Thus, they remain vulnerable while others like myself are rocking the god mode.... But hopefully this thread will help spread the knowledge =)

Well, I think I'll just make some longfall boots and fix the issue for myself anyway. I know I said I would keep using them, but really I would like combat to be a bit more spicy. Maybe I'll just use my rubber boots while they are bugged for when I'm working on my home plot construction and then play 'fair' when I go exploring/prospecting.

So hey, for anyone else out there, if you're newer to the server with no obsidian yet I have plenty to spare so can make long fall boots if you'd like to make the switch from rubber.

- OJ

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