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Rubber boots are easier to craft for sure, but you don't have to have played for very long before iron and obsidian are plentiful enough that it's a non-issue (someone built a massive tower from obsidian!). It's not like they require diamond blocks or something. That's what I meant. You'd said they were hard to make, but they aren't really... I'm sure anyone on the server would be willing to help anyone with iron/obsidian who didn't have enough to make a pair.

In very short order, you become immune to damage and can stockpile your exp for enchanting and other things easily.
On the Frontier server we had a enderman XP farm. You could go from nothing to level 50 in about 5 mins, with no fear of damage at all. Far quicker and far easier than even being immune to damage on this server. (it was so popular, for a while there was a queue ) Now that we've found the end on this server, I imagine we'll have an XP farm set up there shortly too. So rubber boots will have no advantage with regard to gaining XP if a similar enderman farm is set up.

Which is another thing to what I was saying... some people would go to the xp farm, whack some endermen in perfect safety and go enchant their stuff - some people didn't use the farm. It's there and available for everyone to use, it's up to the individual players if they want to make use of that or not. Some people may consider it not the spirit of the game, some people think it's an ingenious way of using the game mechanics. It's completely up to you.

In addition to this, without the bug being common knowledge, some might never get around to making a pair of rubber boots because they think it's only for falling and they are not playing around dangerous drops.
We've basically asked that a requirement of being on the FTB server is that you're *active* on the forums (because there are a lot of posts about FTB things happening), and they have been mentioned in game a couple of times (especially when people have fallen and died) - they are mentioned in the "FTB for beginner's" thread (admittedly not fully explained though) I just started and we have this post - so if people don't know about them from now on, then it's only them disadvantaging themselves.

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