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Forum posts, comments, and ingame discussions had me believing for a long time it was only falling damage I was mitigating =)

My erm... position? question? caution?, has been this advantage is not gained through clever use of ingame mechanics (like say a water-brake on a sign,) but from a cheap (really super cheap) crafted recipie. (As for hard to make... ok, ok, without defining a scale, I can see how subjective terms like 'hard' can cause semantic disagreements. Looking at the recipe in isolation, without assistance from your peers, it requires finding 3 diamonds, and then finding obsidian, and all the effort inbetween. Finding a sheep and a rubber tree is, in my opinion, somewhat simpler. Were I to write that comment again, I'll say harder instead lol)

I'm new to the Division and wanted to have this discussion on the forums because (while I understand all Divisions have their own rulesets,) my experience previously is that it is un-TOG-like (and thus an offence) to knowingly use an exploit. (And to me a bug this OP is clearly an exploit.)

Essentially, what I'm getting from the thread thus far is:

We're a lax enough bunch that even if it's broken and OP, no one cares. Use em or not, it's your choice. They'll probably be fixed in an update anyway.

- OJ
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