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Default Application and G'day

G'day everyone
I'm an aussie who loves to game and chat about gaming stuff. I'm 38 years old currently. I love movies and cartoons, scifi and horror. I enjoy anime as well. Really into lots of multimedia and music stuff.

I'm a guitarist (have played from the age of although I still am pretty standard (no speed thrashing here) and a singer.

I live in Maroochydore Queensland with my lovely wife (who is now a LoL player) with our dog Sasha.

As far as games go, I play a lot of LoL at the moment. I also like to dabble in Minecraft, Counterstrike, lots of platform style games, Binding of Isaac, Far Cry 3, you name it.

I watch a lot of streams on Twitch. That's about it... nice to be here, catch you all around!

-Lotness- p.s. I often use too many smilies.. don't mean to, but they're almost like punctuation at times for me.. rofl :P
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