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Well the fact that a client has that sort of power is a bit scary. If you can manipulate server states that easily through the client that's not very good. But I guess it comes from Minecraft (or at least industrial craft) being a single player game from the beginning with the multiplayer part tacked on later.
It's why hacked clients cause such big problems.

Originally Posted by DaedalusAlpha View Post
But I guess it's not the only coding horror I've found in the FTB mods. Take computer craft for example; when you write a program EVERY KEYSTROKE is sent to the server. The obviously intelligent way to do it would be to send the entire file when you hit save and keep the writing client side only.
Or when you look at progress bars in some machines, it seems like it actually synchronizes it with the server several times during the operation, when once would have been perfectly enough.
I see no reason at all any of the program needs to be sent to the server until it's executed. Other than that, there's no need.
Notch has admitted he's far from the world's best programmer, and a lot of what Mojang has been working on the past year is cleaning up and optimizing the code base, but there are core behaviors that are probably hard to change without tearing everything down to bare bones and starting over.
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