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Originally Posted by Irimar View Post
I see no reason at all any of the program needs to be sent to the server until it's executed. Other than that, there's no need.
Actually it has to be sent to the server when saved, because if someone else access the computer to run the program it must be available, but if it's only in my client until I execute it, it might not be.
Originally Posted by Irimar View Post
Notch has admitted he's far from the world's best programmer, and a lot of what Mojang has been working on the past year is cleaning up and optimizing the code base, but there are core behaviors that are probably hard to change without tearing everything down to bare bones and starting over.
In all honesty I think a lot of these problems are not mojangs fault but the mod developers. They started with single player mods and then converted them to multiplayer with as little effort as possible. While that may work, it will compromise both network efficiency (sending data as if it was all on a single cpu) and server command structure (server and client not correctly separated).
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