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Hi folks

I'm a 38 year old long-serving WoW player. I play on Mazrigos and Deathwing, usually under Nessy of some derivative of that - my main on Deathwing is Dknessy (a death knight, surprise, surprise!)

I've played WoW for 8 years, and still love it. I still remember exploring in the early days as a nelf, before converting to horde, on Mazrigos. I am still an Officer in the Scary Dungeoneers on Mazrigos, where I met such members of TOG as Knight_Stalker, and Dethander/Shalak when they were Scaries.

My gaming history prior to WoW is very much global domination games - Civilization, Age of Empires etc. First game (back in about 1983) was Manic Miner!

More recently, I've tried Portal (which I enjoyed despite the motion sickness!) and Diablo - but none beat WoW for me so far. Still hooked.

I'd be grateful for an invite to TOG to socialize in game with like-minded OAPs!


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