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Teleport pipes would certainly be useful getting large amounts of items from a remote location back to your plot, but then again, that link modifier pretty much takes care of that issue too. (Unless, say you want to bring back 10's of 1000's of rock and dirt...) With correct use of AND and OR gates turning engines on/off, starting machines (and I think even changing IronPipe direction flows, but I'm yet to experiment with this one) you can easily (open to interpretation) limit the amount of material in pipes around your base in any one go.

Also, Ducky, that info page you linked... well... has no info =) All the pages about the pipes are 'does not exist'

If the mod does get added to the server, would that mean I then have to mess around adding the new mod at my client end in the FTB launcher? I rather like the plug and play nature of the existing setup.

- OJ
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