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Now, this isn't for use on the TOG server, just for my own one. But does anyone have any advice on how the Myst world was created to be stable on the TOG FTB server? I'm assuming it's a server properties file that was edited, but I'm trying to do it 'vanilla' and have had a number of really scary close calls while both visitng rand worlds to collect symbols, as well as writing a few options to try them out.

Essentially, all I'm looking to do is create a stable Myst world to use as a portal hub. Doesn't have to be full sized like the TOG one.

It's a real shame the TOG server is too large to handle this being available to everyone, because it's real edge of your seat stuff exploring and mining while meteors rain down from the sky, hordes of creepers are chasing you and the ground starts falling into the void all around. And I thought that hsssss of a creeper behind me or an enderman scream were scary...

- OJ
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