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no, not at all

if you ran a pipe from say 200 blocks away, the server either A) has to load al lthe chunks or b) the ore/rocks/stuffs will accumulate in the pipe, as soon as someone comes within 144 blocks WHAM mega lag!

So what telepipes do is,

1) Send to pipe on other end if that pipe is loaded, if not throw the stuff on the ground.

this is not ideal but it's also limited to near the pipe so the lag is redcuced to near the pipe. the main thing is if your smart, you would have a tether at your recieve point, the Quarry keeps it's end active the tether it's end, the result is you have 2 area's instead of 6-8 area's it also reduces the chances of blackspors etc in your pipe.

the result is reduced lag, many servers report this.
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