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Originally Posted by Misnik View Post
Most the worlds I created at random always seemed to have a bad combination of negative effects.
Randomly crafted world will always have negative effects, even if they're not obvious at first.

Originally Posted by Misnik View Post
Each time I crafted a world it added some random effects I didn't pick. Like one came charged with constant lightning storms.
You didn't adequately define the world. There are minimums and maximums for each biome controller. You must specify the speed of time passage. You must specify if it's going to be normal day/night, or always one or the other. Unless you use a 'greedy' symbol, if you have written a world correctly, there is no chance of it being unstable. It takes some practice. If you specify the wrong number of biomes for the biome controller, or put in symbols that conflict with each other, the world will be unstable. Lightning storms and meteors are the least of your worries, there are much worse things.
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