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Default Applying for full membership!

Hello there.

Will try to skip the pre-formated answers

I'm currently playing TSW, but I have played many, MANY MMOs (and other games) along my life. I'm 35 years old, and looking to join with a nice cabal.

I'm a player - be it card games, tabletop, RPG (pen and paper), and all kind of console/computer games.

I live in Brazil (GMT-3), and play mostly on evenings (around 10pm - 7pm on USA).

I want to join TOG with the indication from a friend (rtommaso in game, not sure about his forum name), because this community is pretty aligned with my own vision of game friends. Tired of the 12-yo who can't even read a quest, or just google everything.

I like to help (every single game I play I like to tank, specially to friends and guild/cabal), and I'm really focused on having fun playing.
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