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Hey, my name is Caroline and I'm a Franco-Lebanese expat to Australia, trying to find a few more friends to play with in my timezone

At the moment I've been playing some Natural Selection 2 and League of Legends, on which I've already met a few TOG players.

My first gaming memories are mostly on a NES, but I do remember some old PC game to learn english or play pool, sadly I was about 3 years old so I don't actually know the specifics of it. I mostly played Super Mario Bros 1, 2 and 3, TMNT, Bubble Bobble and a bunch of other games (Antarctic Adventures, Othello, Arkanoid, Duck Hunt and I could really list a lot of them...)
I still wish I brought my gameboy to Australia so I could replay Super Mario Land.
I was a Nintendo-only type of gamer for a long time, that's until I discovered the joys of PC and mostly internet gaming in my late teens.

Like I said earlier, I mostly am looking for people to play with closer to my timezone

I think I've covered it all!

PS: I know Static, please don't hold it against me
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