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Default FTB tips

I've found out a way to create an advanced insertion pipe (from Additional Pipes) with only standard buildcraft pipes. An insertion pipe works by inputting items into a chest as long as there is room and then switch to an overflow pipe. This is cheaper and more general than a diamond pipe.

What you do is you start from your output pipe, put on a wooden pipe, then put an iron pipe and last a stone pipe. The stone pipe is the direction the item will go if the chest overflows. Place a chest so the iron pipe (but no other pipe) connects to it (you can use sandstone pipes to stop them from connecting to chests). Use a wrench to make sure the iron pipe is aimed towards the chest.

On the iron pipe you place any sort of gate, the basic one good enough and cheap. Set the condition to "inventory full" and the output to "redstone output". This means that as soon as the chest gets full a redstone current will be set and the iron pipe will switch output. Due to the wooden pipe it will never choose that direction and it will therefore always switch to the stone pipe that we want as overflow output.

Note that a block must be next to the iron pipe on some side or the redstone current won't be transfered to the iron pipe itself.

If anyone has other tips, feel free to use this thread.
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