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Nice I like it (been experimenting with iron pipes and redstone signals and this is going to help me.) Certainly a cheaper option if you have access to a well setup assembly table (several in the community have such, I have been fortunate that Tourok has been letting me use his recently. I expect Ducky has one in his workshop? I've not been in there yet tho lol) Just bear in mind if you wish to make everything yourself, it is much faster to use 2 diamonds to make 8 diamond pipes than it is to build the assembly table and lasers and schedule the gate work. Definately going to look into such options for the future tho.

My tip: Build a Redstone Energy Cell and recharge array, then use them like batteries, only for Buildcraft machines not IC ones. 1 power setup to charge your energy cells, then pick them up and plug them into what you want to use. Less engines needed.

FTB/Feed The Beast Tutorial Guide - How To Store Buildcraft MJ Via A Redstone Energy Cell - YouTube
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