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ok, just bumping this because we've had another incident of very bad lag. This one again seemed to be contributed greatly by 2 running quarries within a few chunks of each other, with flowing water (this time from a melted Myst glacier mountain behind the quarry, not in the quarry itself), and probably the very large amount of piping spanning the area.

As anyone who has been on the server in the last week can attest - we're getting a LOT of lag problems. We need to try and do things to clear this up for the sake of all the players.

We have now added some rules concerning quarries, to help combat lag.

In addition to those, we ask that all players turn off ALL MACHINERY when they leave the server, so that it is not left running while they are not on the server. Admins may (at their discretion) go around turning off people's machines who have left them running and are not online.

We also ask that you be mindful of how many animals, items, machines and any running water in your lot or around your quarries.

Please use the animal pens outside the Myst book room for any wool/meat you may need (replenish animals you kill - you can breed more if you need more wool/meat), instead of keeping your own.

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