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Originally Posted by Sorontar View Post
The problem is that we have too many chunks loaded because too many quarries are not being well managed. This is making a known contribution to the lag in the server. Therefore, in order to try and get the lag back under control, until now we have been advising people on how to better deal with their quarries. However, that has not worked so now we are making them standing orders, where all must do quarries the same way. If lag improves, then we may relax some of the rules. We want to try and stop the server crashing, general lag and players being stuck in game when they approach certain locations. This is removing the fun from the server.
Yeah but my general question was; given that you know what you are doing, can you have a custom sized quarry that does not load more chunks than what a worst case placed default sized quarry would load?

After all it must be the number of chunks loaded and not the size or number of quarries that is important from a server resource usage standpoint? In fact, even two quarries next to each other at half default size should use no more resources than one quarry, provided they are not active (and marginally more even if they are active).

Originally Posted by Obsi View Post
It works for railcraft rails, machines and carts - it does not work for other machines or blocks. Asking people to put a sign on their stuff as a courtesy to others, is not asking very much.
That being the case, I would definitely agree that a sign is in order.
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